Campus Offense Reports

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15-140 DV1 - Custodian found stall door damage and graffiti in locker room 05/28/2015
15-171 Male in FSC cited for public nudity & indecent exposure, and banned from campus 05/13/2015
15-167 SUP - Homeless person removed from a Summit Park porch
15-166 TRE - Repeat trespasser escorted from the Olin Library by SPD 05/10/2015
15-165 LFV - Students report a vehicle broken into at the Curry Sports Complex 05/10/2015
15-161 LT1 - Faculty member reported an item taken from the Pool Art Center Gallery 05/08/2015
15-168 LT1 0 Student reports his bicycle was stolen from Sunderland Hall 05/06/2015
15-157 DV1 - Maintenance reported a broken window in Weiser Gym
15-155 DV1 - Campus visitor reported breaking the exit gate at Lot 6
15-151 TRE - Student trying to enter another student's room without permission
15-149 DU1 - Resident assistants called Security about a strong marijuana smell. 05/02/2015